Sep 12

Overall Architecture of Harbor Registry

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Tags: , , , September 12th, 2016

Not long ago, I introduced the open source private Harbor Registry. In VMworld 2016,  Harbor has become part of the enterprise product VIC (vSphere Integrated Containers) of VMware. VIC now has 3 components, the vic-engine, which is the runtime of containers; the Harbor registry, the registry to store docker container images; the Admiral, the admin portal for managing the container environment.

All of the three components of VIC are open source and available on Github. Anyone can download and use it. For enterprise users of vSphere, they get VIC for free indeed. One of the feature I like most is Harbor registry, it helps replicate docker images from one data center to another, or from private cloud to public cloud. If you have not tried, I strongly recommend you have a trial on Harbor: .

To find out more information of private registry Harbor, please refer to this article for the Overall Architecture of Harbor . For information about docker container runtime platform VIC, you can visit .

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