Feb 06

Canadian Citizenship Test Questions for Practices

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I found a good training website of preparing the Canada Citizenship Test. It provides online training and all the questions of the citizenship exam. Some of the questions are so cool that they come from the actual tests. A friend of mine said he got the almost the same questions in his citizenship test. He highly recommends this site for anyone who is preparing for the Canadian citizenship test. He is from the city of Toronto, but I think this citizenship practice website is also good for other cities like Vancouver, Montreal, Calgary, Edmonton, Ottawa, Winnipeg,  Hamilton, Kitchener, London,  Halifax, Victoria and Quebec.

One of the advantages for this practice web site is that it can give you new questions on each test. This gives a very good practice. I like this very much. Here are the links:

Canadian Citizenship Test of Toronto

Vancouver’s Canada Citizenship Test

Canadian Citizenship Test Questions of Montreal

Canada Citizen Test Practice of Calgary

Canada Citizenship Exam of Mississauga

Canadian Citizen Practice Test for City Edmonton

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Nov 28

American Citizenship Practice Test

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Last year, the USCIS( United States Citizenship and Immigration Services) had changed the US citizenship test format. This citizenship test is part of the naturalization process for immigrants to get their American citizenship.

The test usually contains two parts. The first part is a test of English skill, which includes reading, writing and speaking English. The second part is the civics test, which a USCIS officer asks the applicant 10 questions about the United States. The applicant must answer at least six questions in order to pass this interview exam.

In the new citizenship test, there are 100 possible questions which the USCIS officer may ask. So it is very important that the citizenship applicants practise enough before going for the interview. One of the best citizenship web sites provides a free online citizenship test practcing system. This practice system randomly generates 5-50 questions. It provides very good practice for people to get familiar with the test format and background knowledge.

This web site also provide excellent products such as DIY US citizenship application kit and American immigration application kits for family class. If you understand English, you probably need only these application kits to apply for your citizenship, or help your family members to reside in the United States.

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