Oracle buys Sun: The Future of JavaFX

Posted: April 20th, 2009 under JavaFX.

Now that Oracle agrees to buy Sun for $7.4B. The acquisition of Sun has finally come to an end( or at least for a while). When we comparing the deal with IBM, it seems a better result for Sun, which is one of the most innovative companies in the Silicon Valley. Unlike IBM’s overlapping product lines, most of Sun’s software and hardware products are complement to Oracle’s. It is definitely a goodmoncler jas news for Java, because now a software company owns it and should be able to make better use of it.
The future of JavaFX may not look so optimistic. JavaFX is only a few months old(since officially released). The APIs are not stable yet. It is not an industry standard and not many vendorsmoncler outlet are committed to it. Further, competing technology such as Flash is very popular and almostcheap windows 10 key dominates the RIA domain. The only advantage of JavaFX is the broad user base of Java language. JavaFX is indeed built on top of Java, this makes it the biggestwindowskeys reason to use JavaFX. If Sun is acquired by Oracle, the roadmap or vision of JavaFX may change, or lay some uncertainty ahead.

If the acquisition does go through, I do hope Oracle can continue to foster JavaFX, which is still in its infancy.

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    For me javafx is a very promising technology. It opens java to the cloud and allows programmers to use one language (java) for all they want to build. It is new but very promising.

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