Aug 13

Kids Program for Ontario Parents

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If you live in the Greater Toronto Area (GTA) and wonder where to look for some good summer programs for your kids, you should definitely check out a site called ““. It collects information of more than 90 thousands classes, summer camps and kid’s clubs. There are sure something your kids are interested in. Your children can learn all categories of stuffs like Academic, Applied Skills, Workplace, Volunteering, Clubs & Adventures, Languages & Culture, Leadership & Self-Development,  Music, Performing Arts, Sports and Visual Arts.

One thing I like most is that you can search and filter from this site by your address or postal code. I can quickly look up a list of recommendation of programs. Sometimes, they offer discounts for classes like Piano, Badminton and Gymnastics.

They also provides data about  after school programs and year round programs. Give it a try and you won’t be disappointed!


If you are a immigrant to Canada and want to become a Canadian citizen, be sure to go through this web site for Citizenship Test Practice Questions.



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May 07

Canadian Citizenship Practice Test 2014

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We recently reviewed a few citizenship test websites. We have to admit that there have been a lot changes since we last reviewed. The best one still is Canada Citizenship Practice Test 2014. We noticed that this site continuously updated their questions database on a biweekly cadence and keeps the questions quality in a high standard.

There is another website which offers similar Online Canadian Citizenship Exam. The feature I like most is that it even provides hints based on the study guide “Discover Canada”. You can click on the small flag near each question and display the page which containing the answers to the question. This is a unique feature of all testing web sites.

Here are a list of Canadian citizenship test web pages that I think you should not miss:

Canadian Citizenship Test of Toronto 2014 Questions

Canada Citizenship Test for Alberta

Canadian Citizenship Test Questions of Vancouver

Canada Citizen Test Practice of British Columbia 2014

Canadian Citizenship Practice Test Question and Answers

Hope everyone get through the Canadian citizenship test with ease!

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Feb 06

Canadian Citizenship Test Questions for Practices

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I found a good training website of preparing the Canada Citizenship Test. It provides online training and all the questions of the citizenship exam. Some of the questions are so cool that they come from the actual tests. A friend of mine said he got the almost the same questions in his citizenship test. He highly recommends this site for anyone who is preparing for the Canadian citizenship test. He is from the city of Toronto, but I think this citizenship practice website is also good for other cities like Vancouver, Montreal, Calgary, Edmonton, Ottawa, Winnipeg,  Hamilton, Kitchener, London,  Halifax, Victoria and Quebec.

One of the advantages for this practice web site is that it can give you new questions on each test. This gives a very good practice. I like this very much. Here are the links:

Canadian Citizenship Test of Toronto

Vancouver’s Canada Citizenship Test

Canadian Citizenship Test Questions of Montreal

Canada Citizen Test Practice of Calgary

Canada Citizenship Exam of Mississauga

Canadian Citizen Practice Test for City Edmonton

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Mar 09

New Canadian Citizenship Test

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From March 15, 2010 on, the Canadian citizenship test is based on a new study guide: ‘Discover Canada”. Compared with the old study guide ‘A Look at Canada’, it is a more comprehensive document. If you have studied the old book but now you are required to take the new test, here is a list of the new content that you should pay attention to:

1. More details about the Canadian history. It has a section of more than 10 pages about the history of Canada and 4 pages about Modern Canada. It describes the Aboriginal peoples, British and French as the founding people of Canada. Canada’s role in two world wars is detailed. Many histroic people are introduced so you may have more names to remember before sitting for the test. It is interesting to see that the study guide admits the historic wrongdoings of the Canadian government, such as the “Head Tax”, wartime wrongs inflicted on Japanese and education of Aboriginal children.

2. There are wording changes about the Canadian government, though the concepts are mainly the same. In the old book, it states Canada’s government has a system of parliamentary government. It is now in the new book as “a federal state, a parliamentary democracy and a constitutional monarchy.”

3. The concept of Sovereign is emphasized in the new book. A bill must be finally approved by ‘royal assent’.

4. The section about federal election is mostly unchanged except for the election cycle. In 2007, new laws passed to force a general election at least every 4 years and has a fixed date. The new book reflects this lastest change in legislation.

5. Justice System is the new content not seen in the old book, so you must know about it.

6. Canada Regions are now in more details. The new book covers each province/territory separately. Therefore, you must know at least the region you are in.

7. Canadian symbols now include “Coat of Arm and Motto”, honours to Canadians, sports and holidays.

If you are preparing for the Canadian citizenship test after March 15, 2010, you can use a good online practice web site which provides practice questions of the New Canadian Citizenship Test.

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US Citizenship Application for people to apply for their American citizenship and prepare for the US Citizenship Test.

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Nov 28

American Citizenship Practice Test

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Last year, the USCIS( United States Citizenship and Immigration Services) had changed the US citizenship test format. This citizenship test is part of the naturalization process for immigrants to get their American citizenship.

The test usually contains two parts. The first part is a test of English skill, which includes reading, writing and speaking English. The second part is the civics test, which a USCIS officer asks the applicant 10 questions about the United States. The applicant must answer at least six questions in order to pass this interview exam.

In the new citizenship test, there are 100 possible questions which the USCIS officer may ask. So it is very important that the citizenship applicants practise enough before going for the interview. One of the best citizenship web sites provides a free online citizenship test practcing system. This practice system randomly generates 5-50 questions. It provides very good practice for people to get familiar with the test format and background knowledge.

This web site also provide excellent products such as DIY US citizenship application kit and American immigration application kits for family class. If you understand English, you probably need only these application kits to apply for your citizenship, or help your family members to reside in the United States.

Other Links:
US Citizenship Application and Test Questions
Canadian Citizenship Test Questions
UK Citizenship Online Test
Free Online Canada Citizenship Test
New Citizenship Test Questions of Australia
Life in the UK: British Citizenship Test
US American Citizenship Practice Test
US Citizenship Application Package

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Oct 18

Process of Canadian Citizenship Application

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Recently, some Canadian friends asked me how to apply for their citizenship in Canada. Here are the advices I gave them:

For one to apply for the Canadian citizenship, there are some basic requirements:

1) be a landed immigrant(permanent resident ) in Canada;
2) be 18 years of age or older at the time of application submission;
3) have resided in Canada for a total of three years out of the four years on the day before you apply. You may count half of the time for the time you resided in Canada before you became a PR. The time you resided in Canada after you became a permanent resident counts as full time;
4) know enough English or French for a simple conversation; and
5) know enough about Canada’s geography, politics, history, and the rights and responsibilities of a citizenship to pass a test.

If all the above requirements are meet, one can pay the citizenship fees which are $200.00 in total. The fees can be paid at most financial institutions such as a bank. After that, send the application to the CIC case processing center. Things to send in:

a) Receipt of payment of citizienship fees;
b) Completed application form;
c) Two photos taken within the last 12 months.
d) Supporting document such as Permanent Resident Card(Maple Card) and two personal IDs.

Canada Citizenship Test on iphone ipod
Free Online Canada Citizenship Test
Canadian Citizenship Application and Test
New Citizenship Test Questions of Australia
Life in the UK: British Citizenship Test
Online American Citizenship Test
US Citizenship Application

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Apr 28

Online Canadian Citienship Test Practice System

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After a few weeks’ hard work, I finally came up with an Online Practice for the Canadian Citizenship Test. Many of my friends are Canadians and they find my online practice system very interesting and helpful.

This online system has a database of more than 120 practice questions. What makes it different from other systems is that it contains province-specific questions. For example, for citizenship applicants in Ontario, the questions will be like “What is the Premier of Ontario?”. This system can also keep track of practicing time and give a score based on the number of correct answers. After the test taker finishes a practice test, he/she can re-do the test for more practice.

So far, more than 400 daily visitors use this online practice system. I am very happy with it and will continue to work on it for improvement. More on Canadian Citizenship Practice Exam .

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Dec 05

Layoff number

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News came today from the government that 533,000 jobs were cut in November. Forbe’s statistics also indicated that 31,387 job losses in December so far were from top 500 public companies. The unemployment rate jumped to almost 7%. In total, more than 10 million people were unemployed as of November, while the number of employed was roughly 144 million.

Employers are slashing jobs to cut costs and cope with the contracting economy. Many of my friends are worrying about the security of their jobs, while frustrated by tanking stock prices and home values. This in turns results in more shrinking in consumer spending. And the cycle of even more job losses.

The most important thing for now is to get enough cash to at hand to survive this winter. Investment should be really conservative for most. Refer to Safest Investment .

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