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Posted: November 2nd, 2008 under Others.
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Almost every internet user is a member of some sort of an online community.
An online community is usually a public place where people’s internet identity to “gather” virtually and “interact” with each other. Some examples of an online community are bulletin boards, newsletters and photo sharing web sites.

So why are online communities important for marketing purposes? Because it draws many people together so that people can discover new information, share ideas and have fun in it. Though having an online name, people are actually anonymous in a community. This encourage people to speak out something they would not say to someone they know. “Nobody knows who you are and anyone can talk to you” makes it attractive to all.

Why should we make use of online communites to do our marketing? A good approach to start is to find the targeted audience of your web site and locate their community. Take part in the community and find out what people are discussing. This gives you knowledge of the community and allows you to understand what they need. You can build your credibility by interaction with people in the community such as sending posts on a message board or chatting with others. If you have a good reputation in a community, you will find it easy for subsequent marketing events.

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