The 2nd Article on Pac-Man Game with JavaFX

Posted: May 21st, 2009 under JavaFX, JavaFX Coding, Javafx Games.
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The 2nd article of the series, “Writing the Pac-Man Game in JavaFX“, is published today.

The first article introduced a data model in Java and the JavaFX drawing logic of the maze. In the 2nd article, the animation part of the Pac-Man character is detailed. When you are reading, you can click on the java web start links to see the Pac-Man opening and closing mouths, and gradually moving inside the maze. The keyboard handling code is illustrated as well.

Some JavaFX features demostrated in these two articles include:

. shapes
. keyboard handling
. animation timeline
. java code integration
. Transfromation

Hope you can enjoy reading the articles. You can use arrow keys to play a no-ghost version of the game. The Pac-Man character now can move around and gobble dots. Try it by clicking the below screenshot:

click to run

click to run

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