Crystal Jewelry: Necklace, Bracelet and Earring

The word “Ai” is the oldest symbol in the eastern Asia. It has been used to convey people’s love to friends, the neighbours, flowers, and virtually anything. Ai Jewelry, a sweet name of a jewelry series, brings love to you and ones you love.

A friend of mine has ordered a crystal necklace from the Ai Jewelry web site. It arrives in a few days with a well packaged box.

When the box opens, you see a box of love. More information about crystal jewelry:

Quartz crystal is a colorless mineral. Silica, and the main chemical substances ordinary sand. In anotherMoncler Nederland Gekleurde Jas environment, the jewelry type contains crystal, agate, chalcedony, quartz, and the true son of Flint’s conversion.

Perfect hexagonal crystals, hexagonal rod-like shape, often one or two cylinders, long-term as the family crystal, beautiful and magnificent links, the number of members as sharp. Crystalline silicon is a different style. Crystal Gallery’d form will be surprised at the possibility of crystalline silicon. In addition to the typical long sword, as there are otherbuy windows 10 key signs of Double Cone who paved the finger. There are more than 24 grams, weight about 280 kg.
Beautiful natural human crystalline impressive, human health and psychological benefits and colorful appearance, diamonds, gold could not compete. Simple and beautiful stonescanada goose tilbud are used to make jewelry are very popular materials.

Crystal Bracelet and Pendants