Process of Canadian Citizenship Application

Recently, some Canadian friends asked me how to apply for their citizenship in Canada. Here are the advices I gave them:

For one to apply for the Canadian citizenship, there are some basic requirements:

1) be a landed immigrant(permanent resident ) in Canada;
2) be 18 years of age or older at the time of application submission;
3) have resided in Canada for a total of three years out of the four years on the day before you apply. You may count half of the time for the time you resided in Canada before you became a PR. The time you resided in Canada after you became a permanent resident counts as full time;
4) know enough English or French for a simple conversation; and
5) know enough about Canada’s geography, politics, history, and the rights and responsibilities of a citizenship to pass a test.

If all the above requirements are meet, one can pay the citizenship fees which are $200.00 in total. The fees can be paid at most financial institutions such as a bank. After that, send the application to the CIC case processing center. Things to send in:

a) Receipt of payment of citizienship fees;
b) Completed application form;
c) Two photos taken within the last 12 months.
d) Supporting document such as Permanent Resident Card(Maple Card) and two personal IDs.

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