New Citizenship TEst

After a multi-year process, the USCIS has finally finished a redesign of the citizenship test, or the naturalization test. This test is usually taken by people who apply for the U.S. Citizenship. The redesigned test put more focus on the rights and responsibilities of citizenship and the fundamental understandings of American democracy. It encourages citizenship applicants to identify the basic values shared by Americans.

I took a look at those new sample questions of the test. I don’t think there is much change in the questions and the probably won’t make much difference for applicants.

Starting from Oct 1, 2008, the new test will be used. So applicants must get to know whether they are going to take the new or old test.

Internet Marketing: Banner Ad

One common misunderstanding of banner ads are to reach the greatest number of audience. In fact, the right focus should be reaching as many as possible targeted people, who are related to your web site’s content. So having your targeted banner ads is the first rule.

Since most banner ads are cost you money, you should make sure your budget is well controled. This is especially important for small business site owners. When buying banner ads, try to confirm the placement of your ad. You should make sure the content is related to your ad. The more deep down to the site, the more effective your ad is. And you can save money while reaching your targeted people.

Of course, if you have a large budget of online marketing, banner ads should be placed on the pages of the most traffic. Be careful to use click through ads because this could eat up your budget without getting the result you want.

Advantages of Internet Marketing

Marketing strategies are almost the same for small and big business. You need to consider these aspects:

1) your product name,
2) your target readers
3) convert visitors to buyers
4) build repeat customers

A successful internet marketing should be good for managing all above elements.

On-line marketing contains tasks such as communicating with your readers, promoting your topics online, and having a website with current and helpful content.

An advantage of on-line marketing is that you do not have to spend a large amount of money to put together a marketing campaign. So, to be successful in online business, you must master the techniques of marketing online.

Online marketing 101

What is online marketing? How to have successful online marketing?

If you own a business, and want to perform marketing online, you need to be a creative thinker and think outside of the box.

The Internet is the ideal place for small businesses(such as home business) to roll out their marketing campaign. Using the web for advertising is very effective because it is highly targeted towards the people you want to reach and the cost is relatively low.

The goal of online marketing is that you need to turn your website into a place that your readers or customers trust. You also need to get more people to visit your site. Therefore, online marketing should be carefully planned for these items:

1) Build an attractive web site
2) Broaden your reader base by e-mail marketing
3) Choose a good online partner
4) Customize your site to have readers visit frequently
5) Setup your site as an authority of your domain