Sadness of Liu Xiang

One big tragedy in today’s Olympics Games was probably Liu Xiang, the chinese super star of athelete. After he won the gold medal of Greek Olympics Games, he is as famous as Yao Ming, the Chinese NBA star, in the country.

Xiang was troubled by a severe pain on his ankle and couldn’t even get running at the start of the Men’s 110M Hurdle. Many of his fans came from all over the country to see his debut and could not accept to see such a sad scene at the field. Xiang walked out of the tracks slowly without a word. After he pulled out of the race, a huge shriek went through the stadium. Some fans even filled tears in eyes. Liu had practised hard for years to win in the Beijing Olympics Games because of the importance of the match in his homeland. No one expected an outcome like this.

Some people said Liu should continue to finish the race even he was wounded. He should walk to the finish line so that his fame can be even higher. I think this is too much for him, he could “just do it” as he wanted.

Go Liu Xiang, Go!